When to Go to the Cloud? Time is Ripe Now

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When to Go to the Cloud? Time is Ripe Now

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is relatively a new technology where the resources of information technology (IT) such as, operating system, computer hardware, databases or even software applications are available on demand. Cloud computing is based on internet. The term “cloud” represents an allegory of the internet. It is used to depict the underlying infrastructure of internet through computer network diagrams.

Architecture of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing architecture consists of multiple cloud components which communicates each other through Application Programming Interfaces (API), usually web services. This resembles the mechanism of UNIX operating system where multiple programs executed together under a universal interface.

Types of Cloud

Four types of clouds are of major importance. These are- public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and community cloud.

  1. Public Cloud- Public Cloud is meant for general access. Anyone can access the cloud using the internet. Users can manage their own applications that operate within the cloud and have to pay for that.
  2. Private Cloud- Private Cloud, as the name implies, is meant for private access. Private Cloud can be accessed only by the specific organization. Here the IT resources within the cloud are available to the organization’s employees only on demand.
  3. Hybrid Cloud- Hybrid Cloud is a mixture of both public and private clouds. Hybrid cloud is consists of multiple internal and external providers.
  4. Community Cloud- Community cloud is used in shared environment. Community cloud is needed where multiple organizations have similar requirements and want to share same infrastructure.

Why Choosing Cloud Computing?

With Cloud Computing, works can be done faster. The other reasons behind choosing Cloud Computing are as follows:

  • Startup cost is of considerable amount.
  • Less human reserves required.
  • Diminutive time required.
  • Faster than traditional delayed access to information technology (IT) resources hardware, applications, servers etc.

Application Platforms

Application platforms of Cloud Computing are mainly based on Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

  • 1  Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) – Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) consists of a data center, computing hardware and virtualization layers. Clients can design any type of application using any kind of technology here. Literally, there is no limit for doing things. Clients have to pay for these applications and have to manage those themselves.
  • 2  Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Platform as a Service (PaaS) is used to deliver computing platform. Clients can use the applications effectively without buying and managing the underlying hardware and software by Paas. Therefore, PaaS is simpler than IaaS.

Time for Go to the Cloud

Now the question that comes in mind is when should we migrate to cloud? The answer for this question could be one of the following:

  • When there is workload which needs new requirements and no solution can be obtained from the data center.
  • Marketing or after sales services workload where the organization expects a large amount of users.
  • When computer power is needed occasionally, for instance, testing software for product development.
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