What is new in Microsoft Excel 2010

Filed Under (Softwares) by Fawad on 03-05-2010

What is new in Excel 2010?

Microsoft Excel is the first name people say when you ask them about spreadsheet software. This is because it has the most comprehensive software to edit spreadsheets, and yet is extremely user friendly. The main reason why Excel is so popular is because anybody can use the software with minimal training; in fact if you have a great computer brain then the chances are you will be able to pick up the software without taking any instruction.

The release of Excel 2010 has brought greater developments to the software. Here are four new features that you will find in Excel 2010.

More User Friendly Interface

As Microsoft Excel is so popular worldwide, it is vital that they always improve on their previous interface, and this is exactly what they have done. You will soon see that compared to the 07 version, the overall layout is more pleasing on the eye, and features are laid out clearer, allowing users to find what they need quickly.

Share Your Files with SharePoint

SharePoint allows you to share your documents freely with other members of your team, without compromising the files security. This feature then allows you to edit the file together in real time. This feature is one of the main selling points of the new excel and especially for business users.

Improvements to Information retention

For big business an excel file used to be able to hold thousands of rows worth of data, now this may sound like a lot, but it can be filled quickly. However, now Excel has outdone itself, allowing you to put hundreds of millions of rows in one single file, meaning that you will never run out of space again, this feature is particularly pleasing for large business who have extremely large excel files.


Slicer is a new application brought into Excel 2010, which allows you to filter your excel document to show you only the relevant information. For example, if you have a file with 2000 rows, but you only need to know the results for 10 of them, and then slicer will filter your results.

If you are a business, or an individual you will soon realise the differences between the 07 and 10, and I believe (because of developments) you will have an all round better experience with Excel 10, you do not have to go far to see certain developments that 10 has brought in.

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