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Open Source Development

Open source platforms are great assets that continuously develop for our benefit. Researches show that, over the years, the open source adoption has increased thanks to investments in its related technologies. These days, there are enterprises acquiring important benefits from the license issue, flexibility and quality of it. As well, we have to consider the tremendous advantages resulted for entire human society.

Open Source Topics

There are many topics and I am going to present some of the most important ones, as:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) features standards for services and technologies, allowing to this software, together with other applications, to function on scalable, secure and reliable platforms. It empowers you to set or unset the software, hardware, applications and architecture that will respect your own business’s guidelines.

  • Open Source Software (OSS) protects the code with a license named GNU, one of the GPL type (a general license, for public use) and it allows anyone to access the code. This means that none owns it and anyone can see it, learn or even make changes on it, so there are no monopolistic actions. This aspect helps us to find “bugs” faster and eliminate them, switch between vendors without locking systems and more.

  • The relation between OSS and SOA is developing gradually. These technologies involve users and developers to help the open source to grow. The developers provide improved development platforms, as well, techniques, standards and tools through usage of knowledge and technical expertise. Thanks to these efforts, the open source is developed through the program Red Hat, for and of developers.

  • Virtualization isolates the OS (Operating System) from hardware. There are many OS, which run on one computer and different loads can be moved or combined. Virtualization allows you to change the hardware without doing a reset of the software, move different workloads from one server to another, fully control access to your data, and manipulate the power and capacity, having a secure space to test and work. This feature helps you to have lower costs through the optimization of the system (charging the utilization per total hardware and not per any single OS running on your computer).

  • Red Hat is an acquisition of JBoss Application Server and it is one of the best application sets. It belongs to middleware technologies.

  • One important Red Hat feature: System Tap helps administrators and developers to examine Linux activity. Resulting data is separated, than extracted, and, in the end, summarized to diagnose the system’s problems.

  • JBoss console is one of the most known consoles is ON type (Operating Network) that presents a platform for updating, monitoring, administering and inventorying applications. Updating, we all know what it stands for. Monitoring is a module that helps us, along with OS, to monitor the platform’s functions and check for lately updates and band problems, identifying the sources and the history of any fault. Administration is using functions that control the system. Controlled functions are start, re-start and stop across the whole platform or on specific applications. This module allows you to schedule the operations for a later date or to rollback, whenever necessary. The next module, inventory, empowered you to catalog servers as Apache Tomcat, JBoss, services as data sources and IT platforms as Linux, Solaris, Windows. All these can be installed automatically or manually, and usually provide the newest versions.

In addition, we can discuss many topics, as Red Hat Road Map, Cluster Suite, Lowering TCO, Red Hat Global File System and more. All of them help us to fully benefit from the permanent development of these open source platforms.

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