Five useful Websites for office 2010 tips

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Five useful sites for office 2010 tips.

Office 2010 is the latest edition in the office series; however, following on from the rather successful office pack of 07, will 2010 disappoint, or improve? Here are five websites where you can find out some Microsoft Office hints and tips, which will ensure you, get off on the right foot.

Techie Buzz

Techie Buzz promotes itself as the best site to find hints, tips and tricks online. Initially their findings look slim, with only nine tabs, however, these tabs have a lot of detail in them, one of the tabs is a complete guide to Office 2010, where not only is there some considerable detail, but also a comprehensive blog with other users who may be able to assist you, as you can ask them about any problems you may be having.

Simple Thoughts

Simple thought gives us 10 hints, tips and hacks. Well it is not a hack it is how you can recover your password protected files if you forgot your password. On this website you will be able to find out some of the most essential points for Office 2010, including; how to capture screen shots and formatting sparklines.

Techix update

Techix update is an understated website with little on it; however, when you look past this you will find some genuinely reliable information, with solid help coming from other users. If you have a question, then you can enter a guest post and try and get your question answered.

MSoffice tutorial training

MSoffice tutorial training does exactly what it says on the tin. The website looks to train you across almost any Microsoft software; however, for 2010 it has a detailed list on how to get the basics right, and then 10 advanced ‘lessons’. If you are looking for tuition on Office 10 then this is the website to go.

Microsoft office TechNet

Save the best until last, this is the official help desk of Microsoft Office, which directs you to an active forum, where you can post new subjects or respond to old ones. This is the first site I would start if I wanted to find something out about Office 2010. This is because it is a Microsoft based website.

All websites have unique points, and on one of them you will be able to find an answer to your problems, even if it is not listed on the website itself.

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