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As far as the latest technological sensations go, apple ranks among the best for new technological developments, and the apple IPad is no different. The apple IPad is the latest in a long list of sensations from apple. Following on from the I pod and the I phone, the IPad has some gargantuan expectations.

iPad Specifications

The IPad is a touch screen system that allows you to do anything you would expect of a laptop. Check e-mails, browse the net, play games, check e-mails and of course use applications. The applications have been altered to make sure they 100% fit in with the IPad, and apple have not disappointed.  The IPad has the same thickness as a USB dongle (0.5 inches), and weighs just 1.5 pounds, with a large 9.7 inch display. The IPad does not fail when it comes to battery life either, you will find that it can last for 30 days on standby!

iPad Applications

When you think about the I phone, and the IPad there is one topic that comes to mind, and that is the applications. The I phone is infamous for thousands and thousands of useful applications, and now the IPad is advertising itself as the newest spot to get the best applications.

The applications on the IPad are what you would expect from apple. There are thousands of applications that allow you to do almost anything you can think of, from reading the latest comics to trading stocks on the market.

The main reason why applications are better on the IPad is because of the size of the screen. Everything is so much more detailed on the IPad because it has more space to display all the information. Also, there has been a vast improvement to the graphical interface which allows new games to look like they have come from the latest console, rather than from a mobile phone.

iPad Games

The main focus of the applications on the IPad are the games. There are literally thousands of games from scrabble to F1 2010. All of the games boast lifelike graphics and terrific game play, mirrored only by desktop computers and consoles.

The apple IPad store boasts that hundreds of applications released on a weekly basis and this keeps everything fresh. The way Apple have approached their applications allows for some bad ones to be released, but because of the velocity of applications on the market, you will also find some extremely pleasurable ones around.

There is no doubt that the applications are the main reason why people buy the I phone. However, with a much better graphical interface on the IPad, it will not be long before it is as much of a sensation as the I phone.

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